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About BC200 Car Battery Charger

The BC200 Car Battery Charger is a versatile and fully automatic 12V battery charger for use with multiple battery types including lead acid, Cal, AGM, Gel Cell and EFB batteries.

The BC200 restores batteries to their original capacity, recovers slightly sulfated batteries, charges batteries in cold climates, rescues depleted batteries, and provides maintenance charging to extend battery life.

Suitable for most 12V battery capacities from 14-300Ah, such as cars, motorcycles, cars, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, RVs, boats, trucks, vans, lawn mowers and other vehicles.

In addition, this system conveniently and safely maintains battery charge during inactivity or storage while protecting against short circuits and overcharging. Reverse polarity.

Recovery Features of the BC200 Battery Charger

The BC200 12V battery charger and maintainer uses smart high and low frequency pulse repair technology for under-voltage batteries, batteries with long idle time and batteries that won’t charge, with the repair functions and activation effect, it can make your battery like new.

When you have a dead battery, a battery charger can be a lifesaver, it uses a progressive recovery method to restore lost charge capacity in heavily sulfated batteries, which does more than just charge dead 12-volt batteries.

Versatile Applications:

the BC200 Charger also can be deployed for a wide range of business applications, including 4S Stores, Cars, Auto repair shops, and Communications Industry Battery, etc

when you face an under-voltage, Slow start and won’t charge battery problem, or long idle vehicles, you can rely on this battery charger to get them alive again.

Long-Term Stored Vehicles & Seasonal Equipment Need this 12V Charger

Stored batteries, including those used for seasonal equipment, will eventually lose power. You’ll keep it supplied with electricity when connected to a battery charger. This is one of many things you’ll want to consider when storing vehicles. A battery charger provides an ideal boosting source; There is no need to drain a good battery to serve a weak one, especially when dealing with batteries in the winter.

7 Stage High-Frequency Pulse 4 Gear Adjustable

This Smart 12V Battery Charger offers exceptional versatility with 2/4/8/12 Amp charging featuring manual and automatic amperage selection; the Maximum high-frequency stage charger delivers 12 Amps. to meet varying requirements.

Overall Portable Design

This charge is designed with an ABS flame-retardant shell; it has flame-retardant, anti-corrosion, and anti-electric shock features. To reduce the risk of corrosion and electric shock, ensuring users’ safety and vehicles.

Portable Car Battery Charger Cable

The BC200’s cables are 3.5 feet long, so they can comfortably reach the battery connections. The wires are short enough that they are a hassle to store, even in the built-in storage. So, while this is less portable than one of the ultra-portable jump-starters we reviewed, it will take up little space in your trunk.

LCD Display

This portable battery charger has a large LCD Display. As the battery charges, it displays its condition and charges progress on the LCD. While only some batteries chargers on the market have a display.

8 Modes of The BC200 Charger

  1. Charge Mode
  2. Maintenance Mode
  3. Winter Mode
  4. Recovery (Repair) Mode
  5. Battery Capacity
  6. CCA Testing Mode
  7. Start Mode
  8. Alternator Output

 Eight advantages of this car battery charger you may like

The Charger has Built-in smart technology to ensure safe and stable operation, and it’s an ideal battery charger because it’s Good-looking and also built with high-tech, eight advantages you may like:

  1. 12V automatic identification
  2.  Strong copper wire for output stability
  3. Intelligent protection with multiple protection systems
  4. Reverse connection protection
  5. Fast charging, high charging efficiency
  6. Good heat dissipation
  7. ABS flame-retardant shell
  8. Chip upgrade smart identification system

Battery Charger is a Smart Charger that will Fully Charge and Maintain a Battery at a Proper Storage Voltage without the Damaging Effects Caused by Trickle Chargers.

Ordinary cars and trucks generally need an automatic 12-volt car battery charger. These devices plug into the wall and clamp onto your battery with jumper cables. They then charge your battery to the optimum level before shutting themselves off.

This portable battery charger only weighs 1.5kg and is easy to carry on the truck; considering the weight and capability, it’s the best mobile car battery charger on the market. Ideal to have on hand when another vehicle is not available. You can store it in your glove box or other compartments.

The 7-Stage Battery Charging Process:

This Battery charger features a built-in microprocessor controller. It automatically detects the battery’s remaining charge capacity and adjusts the charge rate appropriately. Making it a true 7-stage charger, fully automatic Plug and Run

Analyze – Test-Qualify/Accept or Reject battery. It automatically detects the battery’s remaining charge capacity and adjusts the charge rate appropriately.

Desulfate – Begins removal by dissolving harmful sulfate

Soft Start – Applies low current if battery tests low

Bulk* – Provides maximum output to charge to 85%

Absorption* – Provides low current to complete to 100%

Test – To determine if the battery needs further desulfation

Maintenance – Maintains temperature-compensated full-charge

this system conveniently and safely maintains battery charge during inactivity or while in storage while protecting against short circuits and over-charging. Reverse polarity and back-feed protection feature helps.

Multiple Protection of the Battey Charger

We always put your safety in first place. All those protection allows you to stay safely connected 24/7:

Reverse protection – Automatically turn off the output when the positive and negative poles reversed

Overheating protection – The Charger automatically shuts down when the temperature is over 105°C/221°F

Short circuit protection – Automatically turn off the output when an unexpected short circuit occurs

Low voltage protection – The Charger cannot start when the voltage is low voltage 10V

Overcurrent protection – Cut off the fault line when the fault current occurs.

Overvoltage protection – Automatically turn off the output when the fault voltage occurs

The safety features of the BC200 are also excellent, which is more important than jump-starters because chargers are left unattended for hours at a time. To avoid overcharging, this Charger monitors the battery and charges only when the battery is charged. 

This ensures that the battery doesn’t overheat. In addition, the reverse polarity protection feature ensures you don’t damage the battery if you accidentally connect the clamps to the faulty connections – negative to positive or vice versa.


USB Port

The BC200 works even in cold temperatures, making car batteries more susceptible to discharging. The BC200 also doubles as a mobile charging device with two USB ports. The USB Charger is Perfect for Charging your iPhone, iPad, iPod, GPS, Camera or any Smartphone or Device that be Charged via USB,

How to use a 12V Car battery charger, Step by Step Guide.

For our example, we’ve condensed the instructions for a Brand New 6V/12V Automatic Battery Charger. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your particular unit. 

Turn off the vehicle’s accessories, including the air conditioning, audio, and navigation systems, then disconnect plugged-in electronics like your smartphone. Make the connection. Locate the car battery and clean off the terminals with a rag. Use eye protection and gloves. 

Ensure the Charger is set to the “off” position. Attach the Charger’s red (positive) cable to the car battery’s red (positive post). 

Set the Charger to the boost or charge position. Next, do likewise with the black (negative) line, but DO NOT connect it to the battery post. Instead, connect it to any exposed bare metal section of the engine block. Then, click the Charger to an electrical outlet. Dial in the amperage. 

The boost setting provides a slow trickle controlled by a timer to deliver a full charge over time. The charge position supplies enough power to get your car quickly on the road again. 

Disconnect the Charger. When finished, turn the Charger off, remove the cord from the electrical outlet, and remove the black clamp from the engine, followed by the red clamp, before storing the unit.

Specifications of the BC200 Charger:

Input parameters: 220V-240V/110V-120V

Output parameter: 12V

Charging current: 12(A)

Dimensions: 221*140*74(mm)

Product Certification: CE ROHS FCC SAA

User’s Guide Download

Download the user’s guide for the car battery charger for the best use.

BC200 Car Battery Charger Package:

One 12V Car Battery Charger

1 Clamps, Connectors

1 User’s Guide

Additional information

Weight 3.32 lbs
Dimensions 7.67 × 5.43 × 3.07 in
AC Voltage

115V, 220V


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