10A MPPT Charge Controller

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A Perfect 10A MPPT Charge Controller for your 260W Panel

The 10A MPPT Controller is a controller that supports 12V and 24V systems and automatically recognizes switching. It supports up to 50V solar panel voltage input. The controller is suitable for various solar batteries, including lithium iron phosphate, ternary Lithium, Gel, lead-acid, and AGM batteries.

The MPPT5010 was designed to maximize the usable energy from a 260W panel at 24 Volt. The MPPT5010 is so effective at increasing panel output that it lowers your system cost ($/W) compared to a PWM controller and larger Panel. With Continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking and night consumption of only 0.9mA, the MPPT5010 delivers results.

High-Speed MPPT: Always on Target

Not all Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers were created equally. Most use a sweep and sleep method that scans the entire voltage range every 30-60 seconds. That’s okay for a clear day, but traditional controllers are constantly off target during changing cloud conditions – when power is scarce and most needed. MPPT5010 controllers adapt to changing light conditions 20 times every second. They are always on target, capturing every bit of available sunshine. Simply put, other controllers need help to keep up.

Advanced Lithium Charging Algorithms

MPPT5010 Lithium charging algorithms draw from nine years of experience building Lithium battery packs for harsh environments. We’ve worked with every chemistry and have tailored charge profiles to help you get more capacity and cycle life from your battery pack.

It is made of high-quality aviation aluminum, one-time molded tensile material, and an anodized surface with advantages of high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, etc. It has obvious advantages over plastic shells.

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